Published On: Sat, Jan 18th, 2014
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Govt to provide electricity to those who will pay for it: Abid Sher Ali

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ISLAMABAD: The minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali on Friday said that government would provide electricity to those who will pay for it.

Addressing a press conference Abid Sher Ali said that there are more than ninety percent line losses in many Feeders in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and after provision of proofs against power pilfers provincial government is still reluctant to take action against it.

He said only ten percent people in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa pay electricity bills else power pilfered.

A provincial minister made announcements in the mosques to not to pay electricity bills and his constituency is defaulter of Rs 1.35 billion. Abid Sher Ali said PESCO officials are not allowed to enter into no go areas and provincial government does not facilitate them. Receivables of PESCO swelled to 87 billion rupees while provincial government owes thirty to forty billion rupees of federal government.

The state minister said that Tarbela dam produces 320 megawatt while PESCO demand is more than thousand megawatts. We should work beyond provincial prejudice and should take decisions in the national interest. Sub-division Warsak 1 has 1784 consumers and its line losses are 97.6 percent and its receivables are 787 billion.

Talking about line losses in the Punjab, Abid Sher Ali said that line losses of four DISCOs of Punjab are 15.4 percent and total receivables of DISCOs are Rs 499 billion.

Abid Sher Ali announced that in coming summer government would restrict load shedding to six to eight hours and two thousand megawatt power would be added into the national grid.

He said dams are property of federal government not any individual. The KP government should first construct dam after that it may provide free electricity to the masses.

Answering to a question, Abid Sher Ali said that through construction of Dasu dam‚ 2130 MW of electricity will be added in the first phase to the national grid in 2017. After completion of Tarbela’s Unit four and five‚ 2500 MW of electricity will be added to the national grid.

He said during the current year‚ 2000MW of electricity will be added in the system.