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Govt to resolve industrialists’ issues on priority basis, says Minister Sajid Turi

Peshawar: Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistani and Human Resource Development Sajid Hussain Turi assured businessmen to resolve their issues on a fast-track basis, saying that the government is taking all possible steps for industrialisation and provision of all facilities to the business community.

The federal minister strongly opposed the industries-hostile actions and initiatives by the government concerned departments.

He viewed all those actions on various pretext completely intolerable, which are causing de-industrialisation in the province.

Sajid Turi was speaking to businessmen on invitation of Industrialists Association Peshawar (IAP) president Malik Imran Ishaq here at industrialist estate Hayatabad.

Apart from the former Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Engineer Shuakat Khan, the provincial caretaker Minister Fazal Elahi, Group Leader and former President FPCCI Ghazanfar Bilor, Senior Vice President of Industrialists Association Peshawar Ayub Zukuri, Vice President IAP Ghulam Mohiyuddin, Executive Members, President of Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry Muhammad Ishaq, Former presidents IAP Malik Niaz Ahmed, Zarak Khan, Secretary General, members of the association and industrialists in a large number were present on the occasion.

The IAP president Malik Imran Ishaq in the meeting apprised the federal minister regarding issues of manufacturers who set up their units in Industrial Estate Hayatabad Peshawar, particularly relating to Employees Old-Age Benefits Institute (EOBI), allotment of illegal regi flats, and their unlawful possession, harassment of industrialists during government institution actions and others were among topmost.

The Federal Minister assured that prompt initiatives would be taken to resolve industry issues.

He said harassment, unlawful exercise of authority by EOBI officials would not be allowed in any case.

In this regard, the minister said a meeting with Chairman EOBI would be arranged. Sajid Turi said he will chair a meeting himself to solve issues of industries with EOBI for payment of fee at rate of 170 rupees per month, as decided by the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The Federal Minister also assured that Federal and Provincial governing bodies should be restructured and equal representation will be given to members recommended by business representative platforms.