Published On: Fri, Dec 27th, 2013
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Growers advised measures to tackle mango disease

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MULTAN: Agriculture experts have advised growers to tackle mango malformation diseases properly to ensure proper growth of plants for better production of the exotic fruit.

Two kinds of mango malformation affects plants/trees, including botanical malformation, that attacks branches of new plants while flower malformation attacks flowers, said a press release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department.

The disease shortens the leaf size and give them a pointed shape and deforms the affected part. It stops growth in case of attack on three to four month old nursery plants and diseased branches dry up within a few months.

Attack on plants above the age of three to four months does affect the diseased portion, however, upper portion above it continues to grow. However, growth and flower formation stops in case of intense attack.

The disease spreads rapidly due to grafting of diseased plants. However, its intensity can vary depending upon the weather conditions.

To tackle the disease, growers should cut diseased hit parts of the plants which must also include 15-20 centimetre of healthy part of the diseased branches. The diseased branches then should be buried or burnt outside the orchard.

Growers should ensure supply of balanced food to the plants.

Experts should be consulted for chemical solution of the problem.