Published On: Sat, Dec 28th, 2013
Published in Category: District News

Growers advised to end salinity to enhance produce

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MULTAN: Agriculture experts have advised growers to reclaim their land from salinity by employing traditional and chemical techniques to increase cultivable areas and enhance national agriculture produce.

White saline land has a more quantity of soluble minerals and can easily be made cultivable by deep ploughing two to three times and application of water and minerals will dissolve into water that takes them deep down into the porous land, says a release issued by the media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department here Friday.

Paddy cultivation on such land gives good results and growers should keep cultivating crops continuously to avoid resurgence of the problem of accumulation of minerals, they added.

However, to correct the black and white or black saline land, growers would need curative mixtures like gypsum because of the presence of sodium. Application of gypsum or any other mixture having the same curative effect along with water would separate sodium from soil and produce a soluble calcium that makes the soil soft and fertile, they added.