Published On: Thu, Jan 23rd, 2014
Published in Category: Health

Hepatitis, Aids on rise due to unhygienic conditions at barber shops

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ISLAMABAD: Unhygienic conditions and use of unsterilized equipment by barbers and quacks sitting at different localities of federal capital are spreading a number of diseases including hepatitis B and C, and AIDS.

A number of quacks and barbers are doing business unchecked in the capital while the main cause for spread of these diseases is dental treatment.

Likewise, barbers sitting under trees or along footpaths in various Sectors in Islamabad and Faizabad and Pirwadhai in Rawalpindi are playing havoc with health of people by using contaminated equipment.

The number of patients suffering from communicable diseases is on the rise, so is that of barbershops and beauty parlours.

According to a report, people said that they come to these shops or spots because of unbridled inflation, as they could not afford to visit qualified barbers for haircut or dental clinics where treatment was very costly. “We have thin options left in such circumstances which is why we visit these people knowing the fact they may cause health problems to us,” people said, adding higher charges of good barber shops and clinics were beyond their reach.

Medics said there were a number of patients suffering from skin diseases because of use of contaminated equipment. “That may further develop into deadly diseases like AIDS or hepatitis,” they said.

HIV/AIDS spreads through unscreened blood transfusion, reuse of used synergies and unsafe sexual behaviour. The disease also spread through use of used razors and needles mainly amongst drug addicts. There was a dire need to create awareness among people, especially youths, of the disease for their protection.