Published On: Wed, Dec 25th, 2013
Published in Category: Islamabad

Ill designed u-turn on Murree road, a perpetual source of nuisance for citizens

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RAWALPINDI: Ill designed and incomplete u-turns on Murree road have become a perpetual source of nuisance for the citizens. The citizens who want to drive straight on Murree road or take turn on these u-turn have to face difficulties due to ill planned designs.

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has not only removed dividers from three sites but also closed down Rialto chowk to ensure smooth flow of traffic Mareer chowk, RDA office in front of Islamia high school and Education department office. In the next phase Naz cinema and Kohati chowk were to be closed down but u-turn specified for this site have not been designed so far due to interference of some influential political figures. Kohati Bazaar and Naz Cinema chowk have not been closed so far.
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