Published On: Thu, Jun 23rd, 2022
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Importers demand lifting of ban on import items for next three months

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PESHAWAR: Importers hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa opposed the ban on imported items, calling the government’s move illegal, which wasn’t in the best interest of the country’s economy, bilateral trade and business.


Government should immediately lift the illegal ban on import items for next three month to prevent importers from huge financial and other losses, and avoid damaging the national economy as well, the importers demanded.


According to details, a delegation of importers led by Importers Association President Sultan Khan, held a meeting with Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) president Hasnain Khurshid Ahmad here at the chamber’s house on Wednesday.


Other members of the delegation comprised on Abdul Hakim Shinwari, Saleem Khan, Haji Qadir, Laiq Khan, Haji Tariq Jamil, Khan Muhammad, Haji Aazazai, Zahid, Qais and Arif.


Imran Khan Mohmand, senior vice president of the chamber, and former president SCCI Zahidullah Shinwari were present in the meeting.


The delegation apprised the SCCI chief about apprehensions of importers regarding ban on imported items, owing to which, they were facing difficulties and losing investment worth billions of rupees since imposition of the government’s decision.


The move would bring negative impacts on the national economy and bilateral trade, the participants warned.


Trade and businesses are often attached with Afghanistan and Central Asian Republic countries, Hasnain Khurshid told the meeting. He added KP business community mostly associated with import and export business, which are facing severe hardships after imposition of ban on import items.


The SCCI chief said importers have played a pivotal role in boosting bilateral trade between Pakistan and other countries.


However, he termed the current ban on various items is nothing short of death for them, even, he added, business community didn’t consult about this important decision, because of which a great unrest was created among them, as sinking their investment worth billions of rupees, which unaffordable for country’s economy, bilateral trade and businesses.


Essentially, Mr Khurshid said the ban has also caused dropping of Growth Domestic Product (GDP) growth. Similarly, he said the trading sector is highly affecting, and generating massive unemployment as result of this illegal ban.


Therefore, the chamber’s president stressed it is imperative that the central government should revise its decision while keeping in view the prevailing situations. He demanded suspension on the illegal ban on import items for next three months.


A noticeable decline was witnessed in illegal trade/smuggling, but this illegal restriction on import items will open new ways for smuggling, Hasnain warned.


Owing to the gap between supply and demand, the SCCI’s chief also cautioned the developing scenario will lead to a trend of self-made prices (monopoly) in the market.


Hasnain Khurshid said massive investment has been made in the import sector and attached employment of a large number of people with it. He continued it is quite difficult for importers to switch over to other business while the investment is blocked due to uncertain ban order.


Therefore, the SCCI’s chief urged the government to suspend the illegal ban for next three months so that it would ease out difficulties of importers as well as boost up bilateral trade and business.