Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2022
Published in Category: Government / Govt

Imran earlier alleged US, establishment for pulling down his govt, now he says no internal, external force behind his ouster: Sherry Rehman

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ISLAMABAD: Federal minister Sherry Rehman has said Imran Khan was alleging US and Establishment of pulling down his government and now an abrupt thought has hit his mind that there was no internal or external force behind his ouster from the government.

She said in a statement on twitter “ Imran Khan is taking every U-turn from his narrative persistently after reaching agreement with US lobbying firm. Apparently he knew that no conspiracy was behind no trust motion against him. That was a constitutional and parliamentary matter. But he put the international relations of Pakistan at stake to take political mileage from the opportunity.

She went on to say on the basis of false narrative of Haqiqi Azadi he spread division, hatred and chaos in the country. Will the harm caused to the country and the institutions due to his hate politics stand addressed by taking one u-turn.

She held Imran Khan will spend all his political life in u-turns because his politics is not meant for the people and the country but it is connected with his personal interests.