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Imran Khan plea for relocating the court rejected in Toshakhana, attempted murder case

ISLAMABAD: District and Sessions Court has rejected Imran Khan plea for relocating the court hearing Toshakhana case and an attempted murder case against him.

The court while accepting Imrn Khan exemption plea for one day has extended his bail for one day.

The case of “attempted murder” was registered at the Secretariat police station in Islamabad against him on the complaint of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha. The PML-N leader claimed that he was attacked when the PTI supporters were protesting disqualification of Mr Khan in the Toshakhana case

Babar Awan counsel for Imran Khan and Ali Bokhari appeared in the court Monday.

Dr Babar Awan told the court Imran Khan will come to Islamabad today (Tuesday).

The exemption plea of Imran Khan for one day was also filed in the court. Through it the court was requested too to make security arrangements on the eve of his appearance in the court.

Babar Awan said interior ministry has given statement there is threat of attack on Imran Khan. Suicide attack can be made on him during his appearance in the court.

During the hearing request was made on behalf of Imran Khan that the cases which have to be heard on Tuesday should be heard in judicial complex.

Counsel Babar Awan said in the court Prime Minister, Interior minister, IG and Chief Commissioner should take responsibility. If some one below them takes responsibility we will not accept it.

During the hearing of the case the counsels for the complainant Mohsin Shah Nawaz requested the court to constitute medical board. It was said in the plea that the law is very clear that if any one does not appear in the court on the occasion of bail before arrest then the bail is dismissed. Imran Khan appeared in Lahore High Court (LHC) .Is it not a court.

The complainant requested the court to dismiss bail of Imran Khan.

Additional Sessions Judge remarked this is first time that it is being said the court should change its place for hearing. The court has to remain here. The court has not to go anywhere else.

Babar Awan replied the bullets were fired on the former Prime Minister for the first time too. Coming into the court is must but saving life is too must.

The learned judge remarked we cannot decide about the reallocation of the court Your request can be considered that the matter should be adjourned till tomorrow.

The court inquired what are your findings in respect of this case.

The investigation officer replied NADRA has said the accused are not being identified. Imran Khan was not there on the day of incident and the allegation is only to the extent of his will.

The court remarked if you give findings then the matter can stand abolished here. Do it either you have to make innocent or otherwise. We can end the matter here.

The court resumed the proceedings after short interval.

The court summoned investigation officer with record

Babar Awan held out assurance to court about appearance of Imran Khan in the court on Tuesday.

The court directed the investigation officer to complete investigation till Tuesday.