Published On: Tue, Jan 7th, 2014
Published in Category: District News

Imran tender apology from Sindhis over ignoring them

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UMARKOT: Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan on Monday tendered an apology for ignoring Sindh during his election campaign in the run up for May 11 election. Addressing a public gathering Imran Khan said, “I apologise for not visiting Sindh.” “Some people are talking about splitting Sindh into two parts. But we are here to promote unity among provinces,” he said. “PTI is not a party of any particular province. We represent the whole country.”

Imran Khan said there should not any division on basis of Sindh, Punjab, Pakhtun and Baloch, but only on oppressed and oppressors. He said Sindh is the most oppressed land of all and PTI is here to get it out of the jaws of oppressors.

He ensured the people of Sindh that Kala Bagh or any other dam could not be built until a consensus was hammered out amongst the federating units.

He said that with his Sindh visit he was now sure beyond any doubt that the elections were rigged, adding that every party had appointed their own “umpires” in the polls.

Khan said that his party would not allow rigging in the coming local bodies elections. “People of Sindh are oppressed and they are subjected to more cruelties,” he said and added that the PTI tsunami, which started from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, had stopped in Punjab due to rigging.

He, however, claimed that people of Pakistan would now come out to the streets against election rigging. Imran Khan said that the PTI was trying to gather all the people who were subjected to excesses.

The PTI Chief reiterated his stance that Pakistan would not prosper unless the country came out of the US war. He said that no foreigner was ready to invest in Pakistan and jobs could not be created without investment.

“We accepted May 11 elections for the sake of continuation of democracy. But we did not accept the rigging. Any doubt we had about the rigging in May 11 elections stands cleared after witnessing such a massive gathering.”

Police, he said, have been depoliticized in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province under the PTI government. “Water is going to be a big crisis in the coming years,” he noted. He pledged that PTI would set up system of justice in the society for everyone. He lamented that people of minority Hindu community were leaving Pakistan due to lack of justice.