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In a blood-curding incident: man cut to pieces by his brothers in AJK

RAWALAKOT, AJK: In a horrifying murder incident, a man was allegedly cut into pieces by his own brothers in Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s (AJK) Rawalakot city, it emerged.

According to details, Azhar Misri from Tarnooti village near the main city, was missing from past few days.

On Monday, a stray dog brought a human body part, reportedly a leg to Misri’s neighborhood. This spread fear and chaos across the area and eventually police was called.

Upon a search operation, the police recovered body parts except the other leg and head, supposedly of Azhar Misri.

The police arrested Misri’s brothers – the main suspects according to police, who had attempted to kill Azhar in past as well.

It is being reported that one of Azhar’s brothers also remained in lockup for attempting his murder. The police have now arrested his brothers and allegedly upon their indication, other parts of body were also recovered – that were muffled at a nearby nullah.

The incident has massively terrified the natives and police say any final investigation could be initiated once the DNA tests are conducted.