Published On: Sun, Mar 3rd, 2019
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India is threatening Pakistan due to freeing Indian pilot in haste: Siraj

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Peshawar: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami Senator Siraj-ul- Haq has said that by freeing the captured Indian pilot in such a haste, the government had provided Indian Prime Minister Modi an opportunity to hurl threats.

He was addressing the provincial convention of the Islam lawyers forum  here on Saturday.

He said that India was sending us the dead bodies of our citizens and killing innocent citizens on the both sides of the border by firing but the rulers in Islamabad were hoping for good from New Delhi.

Siraj said that after the Pulwama incident, the government should not have cared to explain its position but should have pleaded the case of the oppressed Kashmiri people who had been living under the shadow of the Indian  arms and ammunition. He said that highly qualified Kashmiri youth had abandoned their jobs and bright future to join the freedom fighters in the mountains.

JI chief said that the Kashmiri Sikhs were providing protection to the Kashmiri Muslims while the Christians, Sikhs and low caste Hindus in India were up against their government.  Several Indian states were demanding independence.

He said that the armed forces had captured the Indian pilot to the pleasure of the Pakistani nation but the government had released him in undue haste. He said that a decision in this respect should have been taken with patience and through dialogue but due to the government haste, Pakistan did not have any leverage with it now.

He said the Indian occupation forces in Held Kashmir had shed the blood of hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri youth and disgraced thousands of the Kashmiri women. India had thrust three wars on this country and cut off its  eastern wing but our rulers had remained silent. He said that now was the time to break silence and to do something concrete.

Siraj-ul- Haq urged the world community to step forward and support the Kashmiris for the right of self determination so that the region could be saved from a deadly war.