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IPO-Pakistan, US for improving IP policies, laws in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: In a bid to promote intellectual property rights in the country, IPO-Pakistan and US Intellectual Property Counselor for South Asia reaffirm the commitment to carry forward the agenda of improving IP policies, laws and regulations in Pakistan.This was discussed during a high level visit of the US delegation to IPO-Pakistan Headquarters Islamabad, headed by Mr. John Cabecca, US IP Counselor for South Asia and consisted of Ms. Dong Eun, Zach Bailey and Hamza Khan. While the Pakistani side was led by Mr. Farukh Amil, Chair IPO. Ms. Shazia Adnan, Director General and senior management of IPO-Pakistan were also present in the meeting.Chair IPO-Pakistan briefed the delegation about the measurements taken by IPO-Pakistan for the promotion of IPRs.He said that IPO-Pakistan believes that Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights had an important role in economic growth and development and in this regard it has already taken a number of initiatives to improve the IPR regime in the country.Regarding the est ablishment of IP tribunals in the country, the Chair IPO informed the US delegation that two new IP tribunals have been established in Quetta and Rawalpindi and approval of two more has been granted.Appreciating the advancement and development of IPRs by the US, Mr. Farukh Amil desired that IPO-Pakistan would like to benefit from the US experience and expertise in IP. To raise IP awareness in Pakistan it was useful to have high profile engagement such as an MOU that would chart further action. It would also help provide a conducive environment for stronger commercial ties and greatly strengthen investor confidence.Ms. Shazia Adnan informed that IPO-Pakistan's accession to the Marrakesh Treaty is also in the final stage and would be signed by the President soon.She said that after deliberate discussions on the draft amendments in the Copyright Bill, 2023, it would be soon forwarded to the Parliament for its final approval.Emphasizing on the capacity building, the DG said that IPO-Pakistan might face so me post copyright amendment/treaties accession capacity building issues and in this regard sought help in training judiciary, enforcement agencies and copyright staff.Regarding the trademark examination in IPO-Pakistan, she said that there is a need to develop an examination manual to standardize the assessment criteria for similarity and content deception, aiming to harmonize the examination process.She urged upon the training of Madrid examination and signing of MoU with USPTO for capacity building of officers on need basis.Mr. John Cabecca, US IP Counselor for South Asia said in his remarks informed that they are working for the capacity building of IP related experts in the South Asia.About the strengthening of IP enforcement system in Pakistan, he said that the US companies consider Pakistan as a safe place of investment.He expressed satisfaction over the line of direction adopted by IPO-Pakistan and appreciated Chair IPO and the director general.He pledged to provide capacity building traini ng and technical assistance to Pakistan as and when required.John Cabecca also highlighted the matters related to protection and enforcement of IP rights and said that he aimed to advocate for effective IP policies and conducting public awareness programs to support a strong and vibrant IP system in Pakistan.