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Israel is in a position where its existence is at stake: Joe Biden

NEW YORK: United States President Joe Biden has said that he has been collaborating with Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations, including Egypt, Jordan and Qatar, who are ready to fully recognize Israel. He emphasized the necessity for a plan post-Gaza and a progression towards a two-state solution. Joe Biden said that Israel is in a position where its existence is at stake.While addressing a ceremony in New York, US President Joe Biden said that Arab countries including Saudi Arabia were prepared to 'fully recognize Israel' in future deal as he and his Democratic predecessors Bill Clinton and Barack Obama pushed back on critics of his Middle East policies at a campaign event.US President Joe Biden's comments came during a discussion with his fellow presidents at a star-studded fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York intended to display Democratic party unity ahead of a general-election rematch with Republican Donald Trump.The presidents, though, were interrupted at least four times by pro-Palesti nian protesters, highlighting the tensions within the party over Biden's handling of Israeli's war with Hamas and humanitarian crisis in Gaza.'I have been working with the Saudis and with all the other Arab countries, including Egypt, Jordan and Qatar. They are prepared to fully recognize Israel,' Biden said after one such interruption. 'There has to be a post-Gaza plan, and there has to be a trade to a two-state solution. It does not have to occur today. It has to be a progression and I think we can do that' he said.