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Israel murdering humanity in Gazs as world watches silently, say speakers at an al-Quds conference held by JI Sindh

KARACHI: Israel is murdering humanity in Gaza as the world watches silently, said the speakers of an al-Quds conference held by Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Sindh chapter at Quba Auditorium here Wednesday.

They said Israel has crossed all limits and broken all international laws and rules in Gaza but no one is there to raise an objection. They said the world is watching the most brutal genocide of the human history in Gaza at the hands of Israeli occupation army. They said the United Nations and its Security Council are virtually nullified by Israel and its patron USA by disobeying its resolution. They said the occupation army of Israel has committed the worst war crimes in Gaza, and the US and Europe are also partners in these crimes. They asked if there is any global body or forum to make these war criminals accountable.

The speakers said that China, Russia and Arab world have also given just lip service to the Palestinians and they practically did nothing to get this genocide stopped. They said the most cowardly
role is of the Arab rulers who have given a silent tactical support to Israel to kill the Palestinian men, women, elderly people and children.

They demanded immediate stoppage of the genocide in Gaza by implementing the resolution of the UNSC. They demanded to slap sanctions on Israel and force it to pay compensation to the bereaved families and for damage to houses and other infrastructure. They asked the United Nations to send its peacekeepers to Gaza to get stopped the bloodbath of the Palestinians. They asked to open land borders to supply ample food, water, tents and medicine to Gaza on urgent basis. They asked all peace loving countries to shun all types of relations with Israel till it tenders written apology and repents for its war crimes in Gaza.

They welcomed JI Emir Sirajul Haq for announcing to hold a Gaza March in Islamabad on April 5. They also welcomed JI Karachi for observing a Gaza solidarity night in Karachi on March 30 at Shahra e Quaideen.

Those spoke included Muhammad Hussain Mehnati J
I Sindh Emir, Asadullah Bhutto, Dr. Sabir Abu Mariam, Qazi Ahmed Noorani, Hafiz Amjad Islam and others.

Muhammad Muslim Pervaiz, Hizbullah Jakhro, Mualana Abdul Waheed, Intikhab Alam Soori, Shehzad Mazhar, Muhammad Muslim and JI Sindh information secretary Mujahid Channa were also present.