Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2023
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It seems again Section 144 imposed illegally solely on PTI election campaign: Imran Khan

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LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has said that it seems again Section 144 has been imposed illegally solely on PTI election campaign as all other public activities are ongoing in Lahore.

In a statement issued on titter on Sunday, Imran Khan said that only Zaman Park has been surrounded by containers and heavy police contingent. Clearly, like 8 March, Punjab CM and police want to provoke clashes to file more sham FIRs against PTI leadership and workers and to use as pretext for postponing elections.

Imran Khan said that Election Schedule has been announced so how can Section 144 be imposed on political activity? I am telling all PTI workers not to fall into this trap. Hence we have postponed rally till today (Monday).

Later, in a press conference, PTI leader Hammad Azhar confirmed the postponement of the rally and said that it might be “staged tomorrow or at a later date”.

“We want peaceful elections and peaceful transfer of power and it is possible that the rally might be held tomorrow,” said Hammad Azhar, adding that the authorities should open the roads.

Hammad Azhar said that the party didn’t want “more bodies to fall”. He alleged that the “murder” of PTI worker Bilal was covered up, but said that the party wanted a “peaceful struggle”.

“We are postponing the rally,” he said while addressing a press conference in Lahore, adding that the next date would be announced soon.

“It is possible the rally might take place tomorrow. And it is possible that the rally may take place after tomorrow. But there is a chance of tomorrow too,” Azhar said, calling on workers to be prepared.

He said that the PTI had halted its rallies in March and November last year due to fear of bloodshed.

However, he cautioned that the party would not tire, would not back down and would not get scared. “Today’s rally is being postponed. Workers should get ready. It is possible the rally will be carried out tomorrow. An announcement will be made about this in a bit,” he said.