Published On: Thu, Jan 21st, 2021
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JI chief says rulers are reluctant to raise voice against Indian aggression in held Kashmir

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LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami Amir Senator Sirajul Haq has said the rulers are reluctant to raise strong voice against Indian aggression in Occupied Kashmir on the direction of the international establishment.

“Almost seventeen moths have been passed to the Modi government decision to revoke the special status of Occupied Kashmir. If the government is sincere to the cause, it should sever all diplomatic ties with New Delhi in protest of criminal and unlawful acts of India in the held valley, ” he said while talking to media after addressing a training workshop for the JI workers at Mansoora on Wednesday.

“European countries and the USA play a shameful role when it comes to the matter of gross human rights violations in the occupied area.”

He said the nation was standing shoulder to shoulder with the freedom struggle of Kashmiri people from India. The JI, he said, also decided in principle to raise full voice at national and international level on Kashmir issue. Regretting the rulers had failed to play its role for the cause, he said the JI had to do the job which otherwise was the duty of the government.

“We are going to organize a National Kashmir Conference in Islamabad on February 3. All political parties will be invited in the conference and a national policy on Kashmir will be devised on occasion.”

The JI, he announced, would hold rallies and conference in all major cities and different countries on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 to highlight the issue in all over the world. Different committees were set up under the chairs of JI leaders Ameerul Azeem, Liaqat Baloch and Qaisar Sharif to develop political and media strategies on Kashmir cause, he informed the media.

To a question, he replied that pinning hope on US President Joe Biden that his administration would even utter a word in support of Kashmiri freedom struggle and condemn human rights violation in the occupied area would be tantamount to living in fool’s paradise. There would be no change in US policy for Kashmir, Palestine and other Islamic world, he added.

Senator Siraj said the PTI was running government affairs through presidential ordinances, completely ignoring the parliament and the constitution.

The government failed to introduce institutional reforms and provide any relief to masses in two and half years, he said, adding the promise to spend funds for the development of Fata-merged-areas-with-KP remained unfulfilled after months like other claims and promises the government made with the nation. He said the PTI failed to prove it different from the former regimes.

The JI, he said, had nothing to do with the fight of the PTI and the PDM as both were the sides of the same coin. He said the JI wanted across the board accountability and election reforms. He said a mass meeting was going to be organized in Sargodha on January 31 against the government policies.