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Judges calling Pervez Musharraf martial law legal should too be put to trial: SC

ISLAMABAD: Supreme Court (SC) has remarked the judges who called Musharraf martial law legal should also be put to trial.A 4-member bench of SC presided over by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa took up for hearing former president Pervez Musharraf appeal against his sentence Tuesday.Hamid Khan presented written arguments against Lahore High Court (LHC) decision in the court.The CJP expressed displeasure due to lack of preparation when Haroon ul Rashid counsel for Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) gave arguments.Rashid A Rizvi counsel for Sindh High Court Bar (SHCB) made mention of Pervez Musharraf martial law in his arguments.Justice Athar Minallah while stopping him remarked Rashid Rizvi Sahb you will go to past how long.The CJP remarked I have respect for Justice Athar Minallah. But we should go to the past now.Justice Athar Minallah remarked " go at every cost. Then this Musharraf abrogated the constitution on October 12. He dissolved assemblies. This court gave way to October 12 steps . The judges who termed Musharraf Martial law legal should also be tried.He further remarked why the action was taken on November 3 steps. The action will be taken in regard to attack on judges on November 3 then question of fair trial will rise. Was attacking the judges more grave matter than suspending the constitution and dissolving assemblies. We should speak the truth. If any decision has to be abolished then it should be abolished. Which gave way to martial law.The CJP remarked what happened in the past I cannot abolish it. If we have to become nation then we have to correct future by seeing the past. Lawyers should come and tell why the pictures of the judges who abrogated the constitution are hung here. Why only judge should point out it while sitting here. Media too is responsible for it. They should also be held accountable. Tell us how many journalists were opponent and how were supporters of the martial law. We should learn lesson from the history. We should teach it to children as well.Just ice Athar Minallah remarked history then is this whenever some one grows strong, no one speaks against him. When powerful grown weak then Asima Jillani decision comes.The counsel Rashid A Rizvi while taking the plea of initiation of action against those who created justification for unconstitutional steps completed his arguments.The CJP inquired federation did not object to proceedings of Lahore High Court. Whose government was in place then.Hamid Khan told PTI was in power at that time.The CJP remarked you are standing to call wrong the wrong thing done in your home.Justice Athar inquired the then government did not want to initiate any proceedings on the commencement of proceedings against Pervez Musharraf. Who was in power at that time.Hamid Khan said PML-N was in power.Justice Mansoor Ali Shah remarked it will not happen that we maintain the punishment and pension and facilities are too paid to all of them.Justice Athar Minallah remarked Additional Attorney General is looking confused. Per haps he is not getting the same page. Question was raised in the order has the appeal become not ineffective due to death of the accused.Should facilities be given to family of Pervez Musharraf or otherwise in case the sentence is upheld.The court adjourned the hearing of the case till January 10.