Published On: Sat, Sep 9th, 2023
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Judicial complex attack case against Pervaiz Elahi: hay jurme zaeefi ki saza marg-e-mafajat: ATC judge

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ISLAMABAD: Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Islamabad while rejecting prosecution plea for physical remand in judicial complex attack case has sent former Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Pervaiz Elahi to jail on judicial remand.

Police presented Pervaiz Elahi in court on completion of two days physical remand in judicial complex attack case registered in police station CTD.

The police sought 10 days physical remand.

The counsel for Pervaiz Elahi while giving arguments in the court said this is politically motivated case. The incident occurred on March 18 and then Pervaiz Elahi had not joined PTI. FIR of March 18 was registered against PTI leaders and workers. Pervaiz Elahi is being subjected to political victimization. Anti corruption too acquitted him from case. He was arrested in another case instead of releasing him.

The counsel told the court when no way was left then DC Lahore issued order for arresting him. Later NAB arrested him.

When we resorted to Lahore High Court (LHC) then decision was issued that he be not arrested in any case.

LHC gave clear order he should not be arrested in any other case. Lahore police was ordered to provide security and to take him to his home. On the way Islamabad Police reached and he was abducted.

The counsel for Pervaiz Elahi said Pervaiz Elahi was brought from Lahore to Islamabad where we approached high court. Islamabad High Court (IHC) suspended the order of arrest. Then he was arrested in this case while coming out of police lines.

The counsel Abdul Razzaq told the court if there is some evidence then they should seek physical remand. Pervaiz Elahi was nominated in the case after six months.

The counsel while requesting the court to discharge the case said Pervaiz Elahi have services for Pakistan. The bail of chairman PTI, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and others have been confirmed in this case. Therefore, Pervaiz Elahi be discharged from this case.

PTI leader and lawyer Babar Awan too reached the court room on this occasion.

Babar Awan started giving arguments on completion of arguments by counsel Abdul Razzaq.

He read out FIR in the court and said in the arguments this is case which pertains to the month of March. What is evidence against Pervaiz Elahi that he is terrorist. What evidence has been given by prosecution so far that Pervaiz Elahi is terrorist. Those who were nominated in the case have not been discharged and those who were unknown in the case have been discharged.

Babar Awan advocate too requested the court to discharge Pervaiz Elahi from the case.

Abul Hasnat Zulqarnain judge of the court read out the verse during the arguments of Babar Awan " Taqdeer kay qazi ka fatwa hai azal say , hay jurm-e-Zaeefi ki saza margay mafajat".

During the hearing of the case Tahir Kazim advocate said while giving arguments in the court that it has been talked about arrest in Punjab. Punjab is not within our jurisdiction. Linking these cases to our case is not correct. Pervaiz Elahi is facing the charge of providing facilitation. He has provided financial facilitation as well. Digital transaction has taken place.

The court inquired what investigation has been made in two days.

Police replied investigation has been made about vehicles.

Later the court while rejecting the police plea for 10 days further physical remand sent him to jail on 14 days judicial remand.

The court ordered that Pervaiz Elahi be shifted to Adiala jail and he be allowed to meet his family members.

Pervaiz Elahi said on this occasion chief minister Punjab is my close relative and he is against me.