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Kashmir Council-EU is striving to enhance awareness about plight of people of occupied Kashmir

BRUSSELS: Kashmir Council-EU is striving to enhance awareness about the plight of the people of occupied Kashmir who are living in an extremely miserable life in their homeland. Their homeland, called Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and resourceful places on the earth but most of its parts are under occupation of Indian authorities for last 76 years.The people of occupied Kashmir demand the end of occupation of their motherland by India which has constructed a large military buildup that makes this paradise the biggest military zone in anywhere on the earth. This military has been awarded with the impunity to kill, torture, rape, demolish, disappear and even blind the people on different baseless pretexts.The Indian military is armed not only with heavy armaments but also with some of the worst black laws that have deprived the people of Kashmir of their most basic human rights. 'We are working at three levels; at the level of EU institutions, at the level of individual governments and at the level of people and their representative civil society organizations.'Our activities include seminars, conferences, lobbying, cultural activities, training workshops, exhibitions, signature campaigns, demonstrations and protests. For last sixteen years we are managing an annual Kashmir EU week at differences places including EU parliament and European press club in Brussels.On 5th of this December, we are going to organize its seventeenth edition. Our purpose is to aware and plead International community and European policy makers that the hapless people of Kashmir demand their right to self determination but India authorities suppress them by use of brutal forces.This time Seminars, conferences, debates, meetings and exhibitions are part of the Kashmir EU week ending on 15th of December. 'We appeal to everybody to come and see the reality and judge the situation. We invite and request all of you to join us in this just and noble cause.'