Published On: Mon, Jan 20th, 2014
Published in Category: District News

Khan sees Nawaz Sharif responsible for Bannu attack

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HARIPUR: Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that he is a supporter of Pakistan, and not a Taliban sympathizer. He held Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif responsible for Bannu bomb attack. The PTI chief was addressing a rally in Haripur as part of electioneering for by-election on PK-50 Haripur-II.

Imran Khan said that in May last year he had asked Nawaz Sharif for giving priority to peace but the premier remained busy in foreign tours.

Khan said he is a Pakistani and speaks for the nation and not a spokesman or supporter of Taliban as blamed by some political rival.

He accused the ruling party for its economic mismanagement for high inflation in the country.

Khan said his party was pro-Pakistan and not pro-Taliban, he questioned as to whom he should blame for this attack other than Nawaz.

“Had I been Nawaz, I would have given top priority to terrorism instead of foreign tours. I would have made my own delegation to trigger efforts to shun extremism,” PTI chief added.

Imran said he was clueless as to how the government was planning to hold peace talks.

PTI chief said that the government should hand over the control of PESCO and distribution in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, his party will lower the prices of electricity and incidents of power theft.