Published On: Mon, Dec 30th, 2013
Published in Category: Islamabad

Law & Justice Commission clarifies dismissal of govt officials

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ISLAMABAD: Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan has said that any government official can be dismissed over charges of disobedience, corruption and dishonesty but relevant officer would issue reasons of dismissal in written and official would be granted 15 days to prove his innocence before dismissal.

According to media reports, the commission stated that it has issued special rights ordinance 2000 about dismissal or suspension of government officials.

According to article 3 of special rights ordinance 2000, if any government department or corporation considers a person ineligible or involved in corruption or his property do not match with his sources of income or he is involved in terror activities then that person can be dismissed from service.
The said article maintained that a person can also be dismissed from service if he is considered to be a threat for national security or he commits a crime to share government secrets to any irrelevant person then after verification, the relevant authority passing orders through government gazette can forcibly retire, dismiss, demote or fined him.

According to section 4 of said ordinance of Law commission, a person can urgently be dismissed under section 1 of article 3 if concerned authority considers his dismissal as inevitable.
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