Published On: Sun, Mar 5th, 2023
Published in Category: International

Learning from past bitter experiences country could be put on right track: Nawaz Sharif

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LONDON: Former premier and PML-N supremo Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has stated that the country could be put on right track by learning from the past bitter experiences and if all institutions work while remaining within their ‘Constitutional’ limits.

Nawaz Sharif expressed these views during his special meeting with Editor in Chief ‘SABAH’ and a delegation of party workers in London. During the meeting, he stressed upon the courts to deliver justice irrespective of their ‘likes and dislikes.’ He was confident that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) will win polls due to its services for the nation whenever these were held.

Referring to former premier Khan without naming him, Nawaz Sharif remarked that an inexpert individual ruined the country ‘economically and administratively’; however, he was hopeful to pull the country out of prevailing crisis.

During the meeting, PML-N supremo stated that elections were not a new idea for PML-N and continued they left no stone unturned in serving and undertaking welfare activities for the general public that is why the party has been winning polls with thumping majority. He stated that holding elections was vital for survival of democratic system and expressed his concerns over the prevailing situation of the country, holding the former ‘incompetent’ prime minister responsible for the current deteriorated condition of the country.

Expressing annoyance over justice system of the country, PML-N Quaid noted that dual standards of justice were proving a cause of embarrassment for all of us that hindered development of the country too. Not a single proof of committing corruption could be proved against him, he noted, saying it was an irony that injustice was meted out to him, as he was sentenced for not receiving a salary from his son and having an ‘Iqama’ (residential permit), while Imran Khan despite being proved a culprit was roaming free which portrays dual standards of prevailing justice system of the country.

He stated there were numerous cases against him [PTI chief] wherein hiding his daughter lays in his big crimes and continued the courts should issue verdict on the matter but showing lethargy and connivance towards the matter points out dual standards of justice system. It was due to such reasons the public has been taking a dig at behaviour of judiciary which was not a good omen for the country as well, he deplored.

The former prime minister stated that for the sake of distinguished status in the comity of nations as well as for the development of country, existence of impartial justice system was a need of hour, as in the nonexistence of justice the country could never progress.

In the light of our past bitter experiences, Nawaz Sharif was of view that the country needed to be put on right track, saying legislators enjoy distinctive role and status all over the world. Pakistan must learn from the world, he said, and added all the institutions will have to work while remaining within their ‘constitutional’ limits especially judiciary will have to renounce showing lethargy towards impartial judgments and exhorted the workers to gird their loins by leaving no stone unturned in the welfare activities in their respective areas.