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LHC accepts petition regarding cases registered in May 09 incident for hearing

RAWALPINDI: Lahore High Court (LHC) Rawalpindi Bench Justice Chaudhry Abdul Aziz has accepted the petition filed for hearing regarding the details of the cases filed on May 9 incident.While issuing a notice to the parties, Inspector General (IG) Punjab and Regional Police Officer (RPO) Rawalpindi have been asked for a report within 2 weeks.Former Member of National Assembly Sheikh Rashid Shafiq, through Abdul Raziq Advocate, made the IG Punjab and RPO Rawalpindi a party and took a stand in the petition filed that 6 months after the May 9 incident, the petitioner is being involved in various cases through the by-laws. Whereas the petitioner has nothing to do with any incident anywhere, nor is there any evidence of the petitioner's presence, nor is he named in any case other than the City Police Station case.The police is maliciously nominating on the basis of supplementary statements after 6 months, although the Supreme Court has also made it clear that delayed supplementary statements have no status no r can they be considered as admissible evidence, so the petitioner is merely anonymous.Thus far, the petitioner's name has been mentioned in 13 cases and now it has been found that the petitioner is being implicated in more cases at different places.It has been requested in the petition that the court should seek the details of the cases against the petitioner and also seek an explanation as to which case petitioner is being implicated in and on what basis.After the preliminary hearing of the petition, the court has asked the IG Punjab and RPO Rawalpindi to respond within two weeks.