Published On: Mon, Dec 30th, 2013
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‘Mad in Karachi’ art exhibition opens

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Karachi:‘ Mad in Karachi – 3D II’ exhibition opened at the Art Chowk Gallery recently. The show exhibits works of 21 artists.

Aamir Habib plays with the generic concept associated with the theme, that is, it’s a melting pot of cultures. His ‘Melting Pot’ (wood, brass, resin and gold leaf), however, speaks of the metamorphosis that the pot has undergone. It’s a container, if you will, that has assumed monstrous proportions and yet, for some inexplicable reason, hasn’t lost its shine.

Masuma Halai Khawaja dazzles with the variety of technique complemented by a reasonable range of subjects that she’s used in her artwork ‘Never Been to Me’ (oil and plaster strips on canvas). The image of an ambient building and the faces with letters on them are a potpourri of ideas compacted in one exhibit.

Abdullah Qamer brings in the historical context into his ironwork called ‘Legacy’. The violence that has engulfed the city Qamer has grown up in, Karachi, is difficult to take out of his system. But he doesn’t do that without a historical perspective and hence names his piece Legacy.

A little different, perhaps, from the rest of the exhibits is Murtaza Khalid Jamal’s ‘Unmarried Mother’ (carving on wood). It is a fascinating work of art primarily because of the posture and shape that the artist has given his subject. Even if there was no caption for the artwork, the viewer would have appreciated it with the same sense of amazement. His piece on display titled ‘Tishnagi’ is no less absorbing.

Abdul Jabbar Gul makes a sociopolitical statement using a sporting term ‘Game’ (wood and aluminum). It’s the refinement of/in his craft that stands out. He keeps things unruffled and clear to visualise, though to interpret them might not be an easy task for the viewer.

The exhibition, curated by Munawar Ali Syed, will run until Jan 25.