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Message of Chairman Senate on First International Day to combat Islamophobia

Islamabad: Chairman, Senate of Pakistan, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, has issued a message on the First International Day to combat Islamophobia.

The Chairman has emphasized the need to address the growing issue of Islamophobia globally and work towards promoting religious harmony and understanding.

In his message, Chairman Sanjrani stated, "The First International Day to combat Islamophobia provides an opportunity for the international community to come together and address the alarming rise of hate crimes and discrimination against Muslims around the world. We must take collective action to promote respect, tolerance, and understanding among different religions and cultures."

The Chairman further stressed the importance of building bridges among international communities and promoting interfaith dialogue as a means of countering Islamophobia. He also called on the international community to take concrete steps to protect the rights of Muslims and ensure their safety and security.

"As a country with a significant Muslim population, Pakistan remains committed promoting religious tolerance and understanding interfaith harmony", he added. The Chairman Senate reiterated that this day serves as a reminder that all nations must work together to combat Islamophobia and create a world where religious diversity and mutual respect are celebrated.