Published On: Sat, Sep 12th, 2020
Published in Category: Peshawar

Motorcyclist without helmet aims pistol at petrol pump staff for not providing petrol

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PESHAWAR: A motorcyclist took out pistol to frighten petrol pump staff for refusal by the latter to provide him petrol for not wearing helmet.

The citizens present at petrol pump intervened and averted untoward incident. An application has been filed in the respective police station against the accused.

The petrol pump manager said his staff has to enter into brawl or exchange of bitter words daily with the citizens due to helmet problem. The citizens don’t wear helmet and if they are refused to be provided petrol they start quarreling. The citizens don’t pursue the law related to helmet wearing.

The administration during December 2019 had imposed ban on sale of petrol to the citizens without wearing helmet.