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Mufti Saeed, Aun Chaudhry record statements during hearing in nikkah during iddat case

ISLAMABAD: Mufti Saeed and Aun Chaudhry have recorded their statements in the court in nikkah during iddat case against chairman PTI and Bushra Bibi on the petition of Khawar Manika former husband of Bushra Bibi.Khawar Manika petition came up for hearing before district and sessions court Islamabad Tuesday.The court adjourned the hearing of case till December 2.Civil judge Qudrat Ullah heard the case.Lawyer Raja Rizwan Abbasi on behalf of Khawar Manika and witnesses Mufti Saeed, Aun Chaudhry and Muhammad Latif appeared on the order of court.The court started recording statement of witness Mufti Saeed.Mufti Saeed told he was member of chairman PTI core committee. Chairman PTI contacted him on January 01, 2018.Mufti Saeed recorded the statement by reading from page.The court remarked who reads by seeing tell lie. You took the oath then tell us verbally.Mufti Saeed told the court chairman PTI called him to Lahore and said he had to solemnize their nikkah. We reached a home in Lahore where one lady was showing herself as sister of Bushra Bibi. She assured the sharia norms are complete. I solemnized nikkah after this assurance.He said Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi started living in Bani Gala after nikkah. I contacted the people again in February those who participated in nikkah ceremony. Chairman PTI told him that nikkah was essential on January 1 2018. He will assume two major offices after nikkah.Mufti Saeed said to his view nikkah held on January 1, 2018 was non shariah. There are his signatures on January 01, 2018 nikkah. The verbal nikkah which took place in February 2018 was solemnized by him verbally.The court recorded statement of second witness Aun Chaudhry. He said Reeham Khan was divorced in November 2015. He was personal and political secretary of chairman PTI and he was very close to him. He watched all his political and family matters.He held Imran Khan used to say him to bring him to Bushra Bibi and he alone used to go to Bushra Bibi too. I am witness to January 01, 2018 nikkah o f Imran Khan. The second nikkah of Imran Khan took place in February 2018 verbally in his presence . He intentionally solemnized nikkah during iddat . He started living in Bani Gala after first nikkah.Chairman PTI told if he solemnizes nikkah on first day of year then he will become prime minister. His first nikkah with Bushra Bibi is illegal and non shariah. The statements of all witnesses could not be recorded.The hearing of the case was adjourned till December 2.