Published On: Thu, Jan 28th, 2021
Published in Category: Politics

Murad, Zardari answerable to people, Sindh is not their fiefdom: Haleem Adil Sheikh

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and the Leader of Opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh has said that Sindh is not a fiefdom of Syed Murad Ali Shah and Asif Ali Zardari and they are answerable to 60 million people of Sindh.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday at Sindh Assembly, flanked by PTI Karachi Division President Khuram Sherzaman and Parliamentary Leader Bilal Ghaffar and other MPAs, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that opposition and media have got a very important rule in highlighting the problems of people. He said the parties who made Charter of Democracy are themselves violating it. He said Sindh chief minister says he is not answerable to the Prime Minister. He said Murad is answerable to 6o million people of Sindh, because it is democracy and this is not a fiefdom or kingdom of Murad or Zardari.

Haleem said the rulers of Sindh will have to tell where Rs7880 billion were spent in 12 years and Rs957 billion in 10 years. He said nowhere courts normally annul laws passed by assembly, but they made three laws and the Supreme Court of Pakistan annulled them.

He said a law for use of auto-lock syringe was passed but not implemented. He said a law of compulsory education was passed but six million children are not getting education. He said the public accounts committee should be given to the leader of the opposition, but in Sindh assembly no opposition member is included in this committee. He said their standards change when they are in the national assembly.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said in Sindh’s Rs 80 billion were devoured in the name of subsidies. He said Rs 2 billion subsidy is given on wheat. He said subsidy was given to tractors to benefit the Omni Group. He said captive power subsidy, sugar subsidy and revival of sick industries subsidies were novel ways of corruption in Sindh.

He said Bilawal Zardari can be made chairperson for committee on human rights, but in Sindh Firdous Shamim Naqvi is not made head of any committee. He said Syed Naveed Qamar could become chairperson for commerce but Qamar Naveed in Sindh is not considered for such matters. He said Sajid Hussain Tooi could be made chairperson for industries and production, but in Sindh Hussnain Mirza goes ignored. He said Amir Ali Khan Magsi can become chairperson of maritime affairs and Syed Mustafa Mahmud chairperson for privatization, but there is no such culture for opposition members in Sindh. He said Farooq Hamid Naik can become Senate standing chairman but in Sindh Khuram Sherzaman is not made chairman of any committee. He said Rubina Khalid, Sassui Palejo could be considered for committee but Adeeba Arif and Nusrat Sehar Abbasi cannot be considered in Sindh. He said in Sindh there is a civilian dictatorship. He asked to dissolve all such committee in which opposition members are not considered.

He said in Sindh there is corruption of billions in wheat sector and Nisar Khuhro is on bail in this scandal and Murad Shah is facing probe of NAB. He said corrupt officers after plea bargains are being posted on lucrative jobs. He said education, healthcare, law and order and all others sectors in Sindh are in shambles. He said in Sindh there is corruption of billions of rupees in every department but no action is being taken against corruption mafia people. He said in last 12 years only Omni Group has progressed and prospered in Sindh.

Khuram Sherzaman; however, said that we have been raising voice for the people of Sindh for last eight years. He said in Karachi citizens are not being provided basic necessities of life. He said public transport in Karachi is dismally poor and local government department is being utilized for political purposes of the ruling party. He said as per a survey 75 stray dogs are present only in Karachi. He said in Karachi the youth are not getting jobs. He asked should these unemployed youth got to crime world. He appealed to the chief justice to take a suo moto notice.

PTI parliamentary party leader Bilal Ghaffar said in Sindh economy went stronger in 2020 and IT sector prospered a lot. He said FBR has completed its targets. He said 32percent budget of the federal government is spent on development. He said in Pakistan economy would go stronger in the days to come.

However, Haleem Adil said that Sindh chief minister should tender resignation due to his mega corruption. He said we will table a resolution of no trust when ordered by Imran Khan to bring change in Sindh.