Published On: Fri, Jan 3rd, 2014
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Musharraf could be airlifted to Dubai, Singapore for treatment

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Rawalpindi: As former president suffering a suspected heart problem, the option is being reviewed to send Musharraf abroad for medical check up, sources said on Thursday.

Former Pakistani leader Pervez Musharraf has been rushed to the hospital on his way to court, the third time he has missed a court appearance in his treason trial.

The former military strongman fell sick as he was on his way to the court to appear in treason case.

Sources say Musharraf could be shifted to Dubai or Singapore by air-ambulance for better treatment; however report of angiography and doctor’s opinion would decide whether Musharraf could be sent abroad or not.

ECG, blood test, ECHO and angiography and other tests of Musharraf were conducted at Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology where he is admitted in ICU.

Source said he was shifted to hospital in ‘bad shape’ and remained in unconscious state for hours.
Musharraf wife Begum Sheba Musharraf was also reached at military hospital for heart while his daughter was also been called from Karachi to reach Rawalpindi.

Army has taken control of AFIC security and entry of common patients was banned.

Earlier, Police official Jan Mohammad told the court Thursday that Musharraf suffered a heart problem while being transported to his trial. He was taken to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology in nearby Rawalpindi.

Musharraf has previously missed court dates — on Wednesday and on December 24 — because of explosives found on the route from his home to the court in Islamabad.

On Wednesday, police said they defused an improvised bomb found near Musharraf s home. His legal team said the bomb was the reason he did not appear in court.
General Musharraf is being tried over his imposition of emergency rule in 2007, a year before he resigned from office.
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