Published On: Wed, Jan 1st, 2014
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Musharraf must get exemplary punishment to prevent dictators in future: JI Ameer

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LAHORE: Ameer, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that Pervez Musharraf must be handed down most deterrent punishment in order to obstruct the path of dictators in future.

In a statement here on Tuesday, he said that the man who subverted the constitution twice and ridiculed the constitutional institutions did not deserve any mercy.

He said if Pervez Musharraf was not proceeded against under article 6 of the constitution, the masses would be justified to hold the view that there were two different laws in the country, one for the helpless common man and the other for the powerful and the mighty.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that besides subverting the constitution two times, Pervez Musharraf had held the head of a constitutional institution under unlawful detention. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was forcibly retired and kept under unlawful detention at his home.

He said that Pervez Musharraf opened the country’s land and aerial boundaries for the Americans and handed over to them some air bases, thus making the country a hostage in US hand because of which the nation was still suffering in different forms.

The JI Ameer argued that if a common man can be punished for violating a traffic signal, why should the man who abrogated the constitution, unlawfully detained an elected Prime Minister and held superior courts judges in unlawful detention, be spared.

He said, it was Pervez Musharraf who was to be blamed for the terrorist activities going on in the country at present because Pakistan’s defence, solidarity and sovereignty were seriously threatened because of Musharraf’s policies.

Commenting on Pervez Musharraf’s statement that there was unrest in the armed forces because of his trial and that he should be tried under the Army Act, Syed Munawar Hasan said that the law was the same for the civilian and the army men and the superior courts had the powers to punish every law breaker under the law.

In fact, he said, Pervez Musharraf had tried to harass the government and given an indirect threat on his trial. However, he said, it was imperative to try the military adventurer so that no adventurer had the courage to topple a democratic government in future.