Published On: Sun, Dec 29th, 2013
Published in Category: International

Mushrooming illegal Afghan abadis pose serious security threat

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ISLAMABAD: Mushrooming illegal Afghan abadis in rural areas of federal capital are posing serious security threats. Afghan people have illegally occupied the state land in the areas of Rawal town, Margalla town, Chatha Bakhtawar, Taramri, Tarlai, Ali Pur, Jhuggi Syyeda, Bahara Kahu and suburbs and have erected their abadis A wide tract of land around Rawal dam, small dams and Koran nullah is under their illegal occupation and they have turned them into drug and gambling dens.

The rapid inflow of Afghan nationals in these areas has triggered grave concern and panic among the local population. The locals said that most of Afghanis are criminals and they are involved in drug trafficking. The youths of these areas are fasting becoming addicts and several students have forsaken their educational institutions and have joined these dens.

As per a survey over 100000 Afghanis are living in Kachchi abadis and rural areas of Islamabad illegally without any legal documents. The locals have demanded of the government to put a stop to the influx of these Afghanis besides launching crackdown against them to save the young generation from becoming drug addicts.