Published On: Tue, Apr 30th, 2019
Published in Category: Corruption / Islamabad

NEPRA officers corruption inflicts Rs 76 billion loss on national kitty

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ISLAMABAD:  The sheer negligence of NEPRA and indulgence of its officers in colossal corruption and corrupt practices, national kitty has sustained financial loss to the tune of Rs 76 billion.

Additional payment of Rs 76 billion was made to private Power Generation  Companies last year and out of it heavy funds were pocketed by corrupt officers.

According to documents. 4 private power companies received excessive  amount to the tune of over Rs 28 billion despite the fact they generated less electricity.  These companies include Northern Power Generation Company, Jamshoro power company, central power generation and other private power  generation company.

BQPS company which supply electricity to Karachi Electricity has not even generated electricity while the consumers had to suffer financial loss of Rs 14.5 billion. Japan Power Generation Limited has not generated power 120 megawatt but it has received over Rs 5.5 billion near Lahore. Executive Rental Power despite acquisition of license has received Rs 3.75 billion in the name of electricity supply

By allowing to run central power generation company limited on other fuel rather than gas loss amounting to Rs 3.76 billion has been inflicted on national exchequer.

Power distribution companies have not received Rs 3 billion from the consumers. Adjustment to the tune of Rs 2.5 billion has also not been made in the bills of the consumers.

Northern Power Generation Company Limited has caused loss to the tune of Rs 1.60 billon  to national kitty by generation electricity out of costly fuel.  .

NEPRA  has caused loss to the tune of Rs 500 million to national exchequer by running Thermal Power Generation Jamshoro with generation oil.

NEPRA has purchased 3 vehicles at the cost of Rs 62.8 million out of public funds while rules did not allow to make these purchases. The officers transferred Rs 60 million to their accounts in the name of bonus.

NEPRA regulates power generation companies and the high ups of NEPRA indulge in loot and plunder spree of billion of rupees in connivance with private power generation companies. The people have to pay heavily through their electricity bills   against this plundering.

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