Published On: Thu, Jan 16th, 2014
Published in Category: Lahore

No deal on the matter of Mush: Saad Rafique

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LAHORE: Federal Minster of Railway Khawaja Saad Rafique has said that government will not make any kind of deal on the matter of Pervez Musharraf.

On Wednesday, while talking to media he said, “Musharraf will get no relief from government and ‘secret people’ holding sympathy for Musharraf will face failure.”

Saad Rafique said, Pervez Musharraf is accused in the eyes of both the law and people and if we want development of country then supremacy of law should be established here.

He said, if Prime Minister (PM) and high government officials could be sentenced, then why not a former army chief?

“If Pervez Musharraf is really a brave person then why he is not facing trial against him, but he is feeling headache and other pains on the name of trial, “he added.

Minister stated that all diseases from which Pervez Musharraf is suffering could be treated in Pakistan so he would not be sent abroad for medical treatment.

Saad Rafique said, Pervez Musharraf’s act of October 12, 1999 was validated by parliament so he could not be tried from Oct 12.

He said, no one has damaged the image of army more than Pervez Musharraf, he pushed Pakistan in the state of war by conducting Kargil operation, killing Akbar Bugti and launching operation on Lal Masjid.

All of such acts of former dictator promoted sectarianism and racial violence in country, he added.

Minster said, government will not stop Musharraf’s mother from coming to Pakistan, despite that the dictator had not allowed Nawaz Sharif to return in country even to attend the burial ceremony of his father.

“We don’t believe on the politics of revenge and this is not the matter of any individual but of the whole nation,” he concluded.