Published On: Mon, Jan 20th, 2014
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Officer investigating corruption in LERP removed from office

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KARACHI: Officer investigating the incidents of fire eruption and alleged embezzlements in Lyari Expressway Resettlement Project (LERP) has been removed from his position by the Sindh government.

Details said, Director Nasir Abbas, who was investigating the incidents, has been replaced by Director Syed Azhar Hussain who was appointed on this designation was allegedly involved in embezzlements.

Sources said, the process of awarding the favorite persons is continued by the government of Sindh despite of court orders.

Mentioning here, last year director LERP Azhar Hussain was removed from his designation after Supreme Court (SC) took severe notice on promotions against rules and regulations. Azhar Hussain was replaced by grade 20 officer Nasir Abbas.

Director Nasir Abbas was given the charge of this project because the described position is set for grade 20 officer, while Azhar Hussain was grade 19 officer.

Sources said, director Nasir Abbas was investigating against alleged embezzlements in the project after assuming the charge of his office. During this, on January 6, 2014, four unknown persons forcefully entered in Lyari Express office and along with physically torturing the staff also lit the fire in office.

Fire engulfed the office and allotees record there, while the case (FIR no. 03/2013) against incident was registered in the police station New Town on the complaint of director Works Sohail Allah Khan.

Before this incident, director Azhar Hussain had file a petition in Sindh High Court (SHC) (case #3147/2010) in which he had pleaded before the court to restore him on his position, however his petition was dismissed by court declaring it a departmental issue.

However, now Azhar Hussain has again assumed the charge of LEWRP as director by using his political influence.

Sources more said that no contract has been given in the project of Lyari Express from 2007 to till now, but despite of that Azhar Hussain issued Rs 350 million in phases to his favorite contractors.

Director Nasir Abbas who has been now removed by his office by the provincial government was investigating the mismanagements done in this fund and this investigation went miserable on him.

When the incident of fire eruption took place Director Works Sohail Allah Khan who is considered the right hand of Azhar Hussain was not coming to office for last 15 office.

After restoring on the position Syed Azhar Hussain has started the victimization and has dismissed secretary LERP Allah Nawaz Memon from his designation.

Appointments of favourites in this project has made all matters relating with project suspicious and changes on high level have been brought to hide the corruption in project.

Sources said, director Nasir Abbas had collected all solid evidences of corruption in this project and lighting the fire in office was the part of strategy.