Published On: Thu, Jan 23rd, 2014
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

Orthopaedic department of BBGHR left at the mercy of junior doctors

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RAWALPINDI: Orthopaedic department of Benazir Bhutto General Hospital Rawalpindi (BBGHR) has been left at the mercy of junior doctors.

The senior doctors of this department are never seen performing duty in OPD of this hospital as they consider it their insult to attend to the patients.

This department is functioning under the renowned surgeon professor Dr Riaz Sheikh. He has been allocated Tuesday in every week to check up the patients in OPD but his visits can be rated as few and far between as he is stated to have performed his duty hardly on four or five occasions in OPD ever since he has assumed the charge as head of this department.

The patients come from far flung areas for their medical check up by the senior and veteran doctors and surgeons but to their sheer dismay they are referred to the junior doctors who are still undergoing learning phase. Even no senior doctor is present in OPD to guide the junior doctors.

Dr Riaz Sheikh is running his private clinic at Said Pur road and he is providing best treatment to the patients by charging fee amounting to Rs 1000 per patient at his clinic. On the other hand he is known as unseen man among the patients here in the hospital.

The citizens have demanded of the hospital management to pay personal attention to the alarming state of affairs prevailing in orthopaedic department due to oblivious posture of senior doctors and issue and implement orders strictly to ensure presence of senior doctors in the orthopaedic department otherwise it be closed down being unproductive for them if no arrangement can be made for placement of senior doctors therein.