Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2022
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Over 33 million people affected in heavy rains & flash floods in Pakistan: Shazia Marri

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KARACHI: Federal Minister for Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety and Chairperson BISP Shazia Atta Marri has attended the meeting of the 26th Socialist International Congress held at Madrid, Spain.

In her, speech she expressed solidarity with the women and children affected by the wars and conflicts globally and also highlighted the catastrophic impact of Climate Change in Pakistan in detail.

Shazia Atta Marri while addressing to Socialist International Congress said that we are expressing solidarity with the women and children of Palestine, Jamu & Kashmir and all around the world where they are being tortured and harassed as the results of the wars and conflicts.

She said that the Climate Change has affected badly that inundated Pakistan this summer and more than 33 million people have been affected, 650 thousands pregnant women and about 4 million children have been suffered.

Ms Marri said that Climate Change, is probably the greatest threat being chased by the planet earth and mankind. "A few years back, many around the world including Socialist International members were debating on the issue of climate change, as the debate continues, the climate related disasters kept weaving havoc around us," she added.

She said that Climate Change has become a reality and it feared the global community which is now, showing some seriousness towards it and I hope, this seriousness of the world community would be changed into taking some real actions this time.

Shazia Marri further said that it is important to understand that Climate Change is not just an environmental issue, taking the example of recent floods in Pakistan, but Climate change is a threat to health, livelihood, agriculture, peace and security and overall economy of the world. She added that Climate Change is a threat beyond the imagination of common man, but the truth is that the future of our planet in all aspects is dependent on this issue of climate change.