Published On: Wed, Dec 25th, 2013
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Pakistan 6th most populous country of world

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Washington: The 2013 World Population Data Sheet issued by the US Population Reference Bureau on Monday ranks Pakistan as the sixth most populous country of the world.

China is at the top of the list with 1357 million followed by India 1277 million; United States 316 million; Indonesia 249 million‚ Brazil 196 million and Pakistan 191 million.
As per projections for 2050‚ Pakistan’s population would swell to 363 million but the country is likely to maintain its ranking as the sixth populous country.

India is likely to overtake China in 2050 with 1652 million and Nigeria‚ which is presently the seventh most populous country‚ would occupy the third place with 440 million.

The highest Total Fertility Rate is that of Niger and lowest that of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
According to the Bureau‚ 390‚778 children are born a day with mere 38‚175 in more developed countries and the rest in less developed countries.

In South Asia‚ Afghanistan with 2.8% has the highest population growth rate followed by Pakistan 2.3%‚ Maldives 1.9%; Nepal 1.7% and Bangladesh‚ Bhutan and India 1.5%.
Population-wise largest cities of the world are Tokyo 37.2 million‚ New Delhi 22.7 million‚ Mexico City 20.5 million‚ New York 20.4 million and Shanghai 20.2 million.

The Bureau says that despite having one of the world’s highest standards of living‚ the gap between the income share of the wealthiest and poorest households in the United States is one of the widest among industrialized countries.
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