Published On: Sat, Jan 4th, 2014
Published in Category: International

Pakistan-origin gay to be deported from Australia

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MELBOURNE: A Pakistani origin gay will be deported from Australia next week after his application for a partnership visa was rejected, a media report said today.

Ali Choudhry who grew up in the US had been living in Brisbane for four years after having a relationship with a Brisbane doctor Matthew Hynd, ABC reported. He and Hynd were one of the first gay couples in Queensland to register their civil union on March 12, 2012.

His application for a visa recognising his relationship with Hynd was refused. He said he cannot understand why their relationship not considered a legitimate long-term partnership.

“We applied for a partnership visa to try and keep me here, and keep us together,” he said adding “For us, for whatever reason, it took about two years, and then even after all that time, it came back as a no.”

He was notified two weeks ago that he must leave Australia following his visa review application to Immigration Minister Scott Morrison was also rejected, the news report said.

Choudhry has now lodged an appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal, but may not find out if that application is accepted before his deportation, it said. Choudhry faces risk of harassment and possible life imprisonment in Pakistan for being gay.