Published On: Thu, Dec 26th, 2013
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Pervez Musharraf to be indicted on Jan 1 in high treason case

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ISLAMABAD: Special court will indict Pervez Musharraf on January, 1 in high treason case. The court has refused to issue non bailable arrest warrants of Pervez Musharraf maintaining “ we had not issued arrest warrants of Pervez Musharraf. We had issued his summons only. After reviewing the situation and hearing Musharraf petitions we will give decision.

Justice Faisal Raza Arab remarked “ court will do justice. Security of former president is must for the sake of administration of justice. A 3-member special court comprising Justice Faisal Raza Arab, Justice Tahira and Justice Yawar Ali took up high treason case against Pervez Musharraf for hearing Tuesday.

Sharif ud Din Pirzada appeared on behalf of Pervez Musharraf. Court inquired from him if he had filed power of attorney. Pirzada said some objections have been raised with regard to preliminary hearing. Justice Faisal Arab inquired if copy of complaint has been provided to him.

The court was told that copy had been received. Anwar Mansoor counsel for Musharraf told the court “ we have challenged the composition of court, appointment of judges. Copy has been received but charges have not been provided.

Prosecutor Nasir ud Din Nayyar said “Musharraf will have to appear in person in the court as in person complaint has been filed against him.

He further said “this is a criminal trial and presence of Pervez Musharraf is imperative. Justice Faisal Arab remarked “ this allegation is non bailable. Anwar Mansoor said “ it is not as such. Bail can be granted in this case. The important issue is that if this court has jurisdiction to hear this case and if it has been constituted in proper way.

Justice Faisal Arab remarked “ you please file all these objections through an application. We are hearing it and your client is not present here. Justice Faisal Arab remarked “we also realize these matters. We give such date on which he appears in the court in person. We issue notices on the application of prosecutor and your application. You may have received copy of complaint. We will give your proper time. We adjourn the hearing due to his absence. If you are prepared then give the arguments now. If you have framed law then give the arguments as per procedure.

Nasir ud Din Nasir said presence of Musharraf is must in case like this. He has not filed any written application seeking exemption due to security concerns. He should give application first of all. Non bailable arrest warrants be issued to him.

Justice Faisal Arab remarked “ Anwar Mansoor has told that he has come to know just now that Musharraf is facing security problems. One person is facing life threat therefore, it is not time to issue non bailable arrest warrants now. We will issue orders on his application.
Justice Faisal Arab further remarked “ it is must for natural justice that we should take care of him in terms of his security. We give you time from 10 to 20 minutes. Give us application in writing and we will issue order on it.

Ahmad Raza Kasuri told Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Islamabad and Balochistan High Court (BHC) has also exempted Musharraf from attendance due to security problems. Three terrorists have entered into Punjab to kill him, therefore, he be exempted from attendance in the court.

Court remarked “ give us all this in writing, we will issue orders on it. Interval was announced till 1100 hrs. The court resumed the hearing after interval. The court while adjourning the hearing of the case till January, 1 directed the registrar to ensure presence of former president in the court on next hearing as he will be indicted.

The court accepted plea of Pervez Musharraf for exemption from attendance from court on the first hearing. The court ordered Islamabad administration to ensure security arrangements for Pervez Musharraf. The hearing of the case was adjourned till January, 1.
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