Published On: Thu, Jan 2nd, 2014
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PML-N performance for 2013 disappointing: PML-Q

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LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Punjab has described the performance of the Punjab Govt as very disappointing during the year 2013.

In the Fact Sheet issued here today from the Provincial Secretariat Muslim League House, the PML said that the party which was in power in the province for six consecutive years had broken all previous records in terms of dearness of essential and other articles, unemployment, load shedding of electricity and gas, lawlessness, failed projects, signing “hollow” MOUs and making false promises in particular prices of eatable items increased 100 to 150 per cent.

It it to be mentioned that in 2007 during the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi, 20 kilo atta bag which was available at subsidized rate of Rs 230 was sold at Rs 1,000 during 2013, discriminatory treatment was meted out to the people of Punjab and industrial sector regarding provision of electricity and gas.

The Govt which had been patronizing officially protest demonstrations in the past was now silent spectator, Punjab Govt procured wheat from farmers at cheap rates and sold at higher prices thus and earned huge profit of Rs 25 billion which was taken out of the poors’ necks.

The PML Fact Sheet further said that the province, which was surplus with Rs 100 billion on the last day of the Govt of Ch Parvez Elahi, was now under huge debt of Rs 500 billion despite getting additional resources of Rs 100 billion every year under the NFC Award, those who had raised the slogan of breaking the begging bowl have not only enhanced its size but also handed over begging bowl of loans with interest in the hands of every youth under the so-called Youth Loan Scheme.

The report also claims that for the first time in the history spurious medicines were used in the Govt hospitals, causing deaths of 150 precious human lives, to whom neither any compensation was paid to the effected bereaved families, nor were the elements who caused these deaths were punished.

It was also regretted that the process of victimization continued through continuously closing down of the projects of the tenure of Ch Parvez Elahi which included Wazirabad Cardiology Hospital, Seerat Academy, new building of the Punjab Assembly, hundreds hospitals and colleges projects all over the province ,thus causing huge loss to the public exchequer.

Continuing, the Fact Sheet said that the Govt had miserable failed to effect improvement in law and order situation and protect and safeguard life and property of the people, three and half lacs heinous crime were committed in the province.

The report cites 5000 murders, 12862 cases of abduction and kidnappings for ransom, due to inefficiency of the govt incidence of abduction for ransom and extortion (bhatta kauri) increased, 31000 dacoities were committed and 220 people lost their lives during murderous dacoities more than 2500 cases of molestation and rapes and gang rapes were committed with women and Punjab was number one province for sixth consecutive year in terms of crime against women.

It was also mentioned that accused of 5-year old innocent Sumbal incident was neither punished nor justice was done to the aggrieved family despite repeated assurances by the Prime Minister and The Chief Minister; while real facts and figures of all crimes were at least more than double than the reported figures because the policy of not registering FIRs in order to control the crime was adopted.

It was further stated that after May 13, 2013 there was record increase in public complaints and anarchy, people victim of excesses and highhandedness of the govt departments staged 13600 protest demonstrations at various places in the province, Provincial Ombudsman received 20 thousand complaints which were 7000 more than the last year.

Even after six years the Punjab Govt avoided holding of local bodies elections, indulged in formulating rigging plans through faulty legislation and illegal demarcation of constituencies which were at last exposed in the court, govt backed out of its promises to hold probes into the documented evidence about rigging in the general election of 2013.

no headway was made in promises made by the N- League to the people during the election campaign, while instead of reducing electricity and gas load shedding, their
policies caused increase in the load shedding of both, as for the first time in the history, CNG stations in the Punjab were 100 per cent shut for longest duration.

Prior to the elections, the nation was misled by the impression that N-League leadership was experienced and has learnt lessons from the circumstances but in the first six months failed governance of the past was repeated and the country was pushed back in 90’s and those claiming to turn the country into economic tiger of Asia instead made it the country with the most debt in Asia, the PML Fact Sheet added further.