Published On: Fri, Jan 17th, 2014
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PML-Q urges govt to restore Faisalabad Industrial Estate

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LAHORE: The PML-Q senior leader, former Deputy Prime Minister Ch Parvez Elahi has advised government of avoiding wasting precious land and billions of rupees on Sheikhapura Industrial Zone.

Addressing a press conference along with PML Punjab General Secretary Ch Zaheeruddin Khan and Senior Vice-president Muhammad Basharat Raja at his residence here Thursday, he suggested that the Chief Minister Punjab should restore Faisalabad Industrial Estate established during PML-Q government.

Faisalabad Industrial Estate was established over 4500 acres of land on M 3 near dry port and industrial units had started being set up on 99 per cent completion of infrastructure, hundreds of plots were available there for local and foreign investors where investment could commence even tomorrow, if this project was kept functional after our tenure was completed then billions of rupees worth local and foreign investment would have been made in it till now.

The PML leader reminded that investment did not come merely by signing record number of MOUs by the Punjab Govt; rather the investors were not coming to Punjab due to faulty policies. “No one would ever trust the rulers who cannot give electricity and gas in the houses; imagine that the Chief Minister who was leading the protest demonstrations over electricity and gas issue was today hiding his face from the industrialists” scoffed Elahi.

Continuing his tirade, Chaudhry Parvez Elahi said that despite land had not yet been acquired for Sheikhapura Industrial Zone, the Chief Minister was announcing that applications have been received for 90 per cent of land acquisition (!).

Ch Parvez Elahi also highlighted the agricultural value of Punjab, which was being destroyed through acquisition of hundreds of acres of cultivated land for the industrial zone. He was also curious about funds being allocated for power generation in the budget of Punjab for six years but, a scanty six units could not be established:

“Where this amount has gone?” he wondered. Replying to a question, he said that a prevalent Rs 32 billion subsidy annually was being given on Metro Bus, while another fastidious scheme of surveying the water ways for initiating river transport on River Ravi and canals costing Rs 50 billion was being considered.

“we kept on saying that Punjab has been put on sale, now under cover of privatization about 1150 government assets worth Rs 11 billion have been sold to their favorites for Rs 8 billion, while even only 40 per cent recovery has so far been made even of this amount ” , he chagrined .
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