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President Dr. Arif Alvi urges the countrymen to use their voting right; cast vote along with family members in Karachi

KARACHI: President Dr. Arif Alvi on Thursday cast his vote and urged the countrymen to use their voting right saying that the country needed their opinion as never before.President Dr. Arif Alvi, who reached the polling station along with his family members, awaited his turn in the queue and cast his vote.Later, he wrote on his X timeline, 'The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has asked for your personal advice through your vote to elect representatives to the National and Provincial Assemblies.' He said it was everyone's Islamic, constitutional and civic responsibility to vote.President casts vote; urges countrymen to use their right 'We as a family reached our polling station, stood in line and have voted and urge all of you to come out and exercise your right. Pakistan needs your opinion as never before,' he remarked.First Lady Begum Samina Alvi also cast her vote at her respective polling station.