Published On: Tue, Dec 31st, 2013
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PTI condemns PML-N anti sugarcane farmers policies

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LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) said that the Sharif family had huge investments in the sugar cane industry and monopolize price control by forcing the farmers to accept low prices.

PTI President Punjab Ejaz Ch, Gen. Secretary Dr. Yasmin Rashid and Sec. Information Andleeb Abbas severely criticized the govt. for crushing the sugar cane farmers by not only creating shortage of electricity gas and water but also not thresh rising the sugar cane owners to make payments to the food and cash staved sugar cane farmers.

He said that to keep a, monopoly over these prices the Punjab govt. had also made rules that make it very diff to new sugar cane owners to enter the industry he demanded that immediately the due payments of the farmers be made and the govt. provide relief to the cash starved poor farmers.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that it is sad that people has actually died due to gas shortage as temp has dropped below freezing point. She said that after the electricity shortage the gas shortage was making it impossible to run their kitchens and despite the govt. promises that they will not do gas shedding on households and domestic users massive gas shedding is being done.

Andleeb Abbas said that the whole industry is crying over the shortage in gas and price hike in gas as the cost of producing a unit has become very high. She said that PTI supports the Pakistan hosiery manufacturing associating who have appeal to the govt. that if they do not resume the gas supply the exports of the value added garments will be badly affected.

She demanded should immediately restore the gas supply to the hosiery industry as the GSP plus status will become useless if these people cannot take benefits of having gas to produce the products she said that is the pro rich policies of the govt., that enforce the public to get out rally against govt., she warns govt. that in 2014 is again 2013 the public will come out in a massive protest to teach the govt. a lesson.
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