Published On: Thu, Mar 21st, 2019
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Public awareness on ‘World Oral health day’

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World  Oral Health day  is being observed today with experts emphasis on providing awareness to the people about the importance of lifelong care of teeth and gums. Spreading awareness is important particularly among the children and Diabetic Patients and they should also be made aware of cleaning their teeth and mouth.

Teeth are a very essential part of the human body and are vital for everything from chewing and speaking to an individual’s overall aesthetics, once teeth are lost, the spaces created can adversely affect a person’s overall appearance and oral functions. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, eating health foods and avoiding snacks and drinks that are high in sugar, can make a considerable difference.

Regular dental check-ups are also essential in preventing dental problems.

She further emphasized that Oral health is fast emerging as a serious challenge for the dental healthcare providers facing steady surge in the incidence of pyorrhea and series of other gum diseases coupled with early tooth decay due to poor hygienic practices among many of the people.

Experts say that widespread problems like bad breathe, tooth decay, dental cavities and bleeding gums are not inevitable, but are to a large extent influenced by environmental, social and lifestyle-related factors. Dental decay or cavities affects a major part of the population and is the single most important cause of loss of teeth.

Infected teeth of a diabetic person can negatively affect the efforts to keep the blood sugar in check.

The People should visit their consultant doctors after every six months and patients should immediately consult physicians in case of even a minute infection and cavities in the teeth and swallowing in the gums.

Almost 90pc world population will suffer from oral diseases in their lifetime and many of these diseases can be prevented by efficient and healthy oral care practices, she added.

Cavity-causing bacteria can be passed on from parents to their kids through physical contact. Mothers with dental cavities must avoid sharing spoons with their kids as the bacteria gets passed on along with saliva, she said. Carelessness can inflict severe damage to teeth of a diabetic and the symptoms include wobbly teeth, pain in gums during chewing of food and bad breath. Children should be taken to a qualified doctor in case they feel any infection or blister in the mouth, on tongue or gums.

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