Published On: Tue, Jan 21st, 2014
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi suicide attack: forces arrest Afghan suspect

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Rawalpindi: Security forces arrested a suspected companion of suicide bomber who blew himself up at RA Bazzar area of Rawalpindi resulted killing of 13 people and injuries to 18 others.

According to police officials, a suspected Afghan teen boy was taken under arrest in injured condition.

Officials said three hand grenades were recovered from suspect’s possession, officials expressed their doubt that he was set to attack security check post to cover his companion suicide bomber.

The arrested suspect was later shifted to undisclosed location for investigations.

At least 13 people most of them army personnel were killed in suicide attack on Monday morning, more than 18 people also injured in second consecutive attack after Bannu blast which left 20 security personnel dead on Sunday.
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