Published On: Sun, Jun 19th, 2022
Published in Category: Politics

Real victory is Pakistan victory: Hina Rabbani Khar

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ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar has said it is too early to celebrate as the process of exiting grey list has started now.


“ we want FATF remains neutral. The credit of the matter does not go to any one. The real victory is victory of  Pakistan only. It is hoped Pakistan will come out   from grey list for ever, she  said this while addressing a press conference here in foreign office.




She held Pakistan is just one step away from exiting the grey list of FATF after successful completion of its Action Plans.


She pointed out that the Financial Action Task Force has duly recognized our tremendous progress and commitment to improve our  international anti-money laundering and combatting the financing of terrorism and proliferation (AML/CFT) standards. She said the 2018 action plan has been closed with no pendency of action on part of Pakistan whilst the action plan of 2021 was completed a year ahead of the prescribed timelines.


As a result of this remarkable achievement, the Minister of State said the FATF has now authorized an onsite visit of its technical team to Pakistan to validate the process of implementation of reforms. It marks the beginning of the end process that will eventually culminate in the exit of Pakistan from the grey list.


She said we are working closely with the FATF to arrange the on-site visit at mutually convenient dates, with a view to conclude the entire process at the earliest and before the next FATF plenary in October this year.


Hina Rabbani Khar stressed that Pakistan’s cooperation with the FATF and the international community is grounded in our strategic objective of strengthening our economy and further improving its integration with the international financial system. She was confident that this good news from FATF will restore confidence in our economy and improve investment climate.


The Minister of State also acknowledged the tireless efforts put in by all the teams to achieve the strenuous, difficult and complicated targets. She said this was indeed a whole of the country response as multiple ministries, departments and agencies at all levels of the government contributed to this national cause.


She also conveyed her gratitude to the international partners and friends for their understanding, support and cooperation throughout the process.


She said Pakistan is in a position that it will not only sustain its trajectory of reforms into the future but can also provide guidance and technical support to other countries in this area. She remarked Pakistan earned this place through its consistent work. We have not only honored our commitments but over performed.


Responding to a question, the Minister of State that Pakistan has always emphasized that the FATF must be apolitical and technical in its conduct.


She observed one country always tries to give this process  political color  But we will not say any negative thing.