Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014
Published in Category: Islamabad

Reduction in CDA sanitation staff leading to garbage pile up

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ISLAMABAD: Garbage is piling up in various sectors of the federal capital due to reduction in sanitation staff by the Capital Development Authority.

It has been learnt that former CDA Chairman Nadeem Hassan Asif had reduced the number of sanitation staff by half. Thus now there are only 100 workers in each sector instead of 150

Due to this shortage of staff several sectors, the cleanliness arrangements in sectors G-6, G-7, G-8, G-9, I-9, I-10 and G-10 have become deplorable.

Residents have complained that the garbage is not picked up for several days by the CDA due to the garbage is piling up and foul smell has started emanating making it hard to walk by.

The residents have demanded the CDA highups to look into this matter and rectify the situation before epidemic diseases starts breaking out.