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Sadiq Sanjrani expresses his gratitude for China’s unwavering support in Pakistan’s developmental endeavours

BEIJING: Chairman Senate, Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani, led a high-level delegation on a productive visit to the China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA) headquarters in Beijing. The delegation engaged in extensive discussions with CIDCA Chairman Luo Zhaohui, aiming to strengthen the bilateral ties and foster cooperation between Pakistan and China.

The meeting, held at CIDCA headquarters, was marked by a spirit of collaboration and mutual understanding. Chairman Senate expressed his gratitude for China's unwavering support in Pakistan's developmental endeavours and acknowledged the valuable contributions made by CIDCA in promoting development projects in Pakistan.

Discussions primarily revolved around the multifaceted development initiatives in Pakistan, with a particular focus on parliamentary development. Sadiq Sanjrani highlighted the pivotal role of the Parliament in shaping the nation's policies and underlined Pakistan's commitment to strengthening its parliamentary system. The meeting reaffirmed the shared commitment to enhancing parliamentary capacity in Pakistan.

During the meeting, Chairman Senate and CIDCA Chairman Luo Zhaohui explored the significant prospects of collaboration in the construction of the International Parliamentarians Congress (IPC) headquarters in Islamabad.

“The IPC headquarters is envisioned to serve as a symbol of international parliamentary cooperation and diplomacy, providing a platform for lawmakers from around the world to come together and work towards shared global goals. This initiative underlines the commitment of Pakistan to foster international unity and progress through the power of parliamentary diplomacy”, Sadiq Sanjrani accentuated. The IPC headquarters is set to become a symbol of collaboration on the global stage, he further added. Both expressed their eagerness for this progressive project and agreed to carry on discussions to solidify the plans further.

Chairman Luo Zhaohui, on behalf of CIDCA, expressed China's continued support for Pakistan's development and reiterated the agency's commitment to providing resources, expertise, and technological assistance in a wide range