Published On: Fri, Jan 15th, 2021
Published in Category: International

Sarah Owen asks British govt to play its role for freedom of Kashmiris

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LONDON : British Member of Parliament Sarah Mei Li Owen has asked the British government to play its role for the freedom of Kashmiris and their rights. She said that British government should play crucial role in resolution of Kashmir dispute and for ensuring durable peace between Pakistan and India.

British MP from Luton North, Sarah Owen had presented resolution in British Parliament for holding debate on the current situation of Kashmir. The debate was held after the approval of the resolution.

Sarah Owen demanded that British government should concentrate on over one million British Kashmiris and over 20 million residents of state of Jammu and Kashmir and also should play crucial role for ensuring durable peace between Pakistan and India and resolution of Kashmir dispute.

“There are people who are concerned about human rights so you don’t have to be kashmiri to care about their struggle for self-determination” Sarah Owen said. Sarah Owen expressed concerns over the human rights situation in Kashmir and said that you should have not need to be a Kashmiri for supporting the self-determination struggle of Kashmiris.